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Are you tired of getting massages that are just “Ok?”

Don’t get rushed in and out. Don’t pay for 60 min and receive 45 min!

You should check us out!

Our prices are competitive with the surrounding spas, and we really pamper our clients!

We want you to leave feeling amazing!

Look at what many of the clients of “Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center” are saying!

Best massage therapist in Missouri. No Kidding. Brenda truly takes the time to find out what her clients needs. Nice ambiance, calming room with candles, relaxing music and subdued lighting. She used a number of massage techniques that melt away stress. The hot stones was a nice touch.
S. Nielsen

I first started going to Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center about a year ago when I felt like I was  falling apart. I told her of my issues (shoulder, back, and a horrible hip pain  from being kicked by a horse 15 years ago), she not only took the time to listen  to me, she took the time to listen to my body as she preformed her “magic”. I  say this because, before going to Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center, I was sleeping with a pillow  between my legs to relieve my hip pain, and after my first visit I was able to  toss my “geriatric” pillow for good, and I have been going to her monthly ever  since.
With a physically demanding job, it is just wonderful to go in  once a month to have her take some stress out of my body (& life). I  recently had an issue with my back and she was able to get me in the same day I  called. Because she cares. Instead of her “taking advantage” of this situation  and giving me my normal relaxing message, the staff at Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center went right to work on my  problem to help elevate the pain I was in. (Again) Because they care..
Sure you could go to a Chiropractor for aches and pains, and  they might make you feel better physically, but they can not make you feel  better in your soul at Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center can. You don’t just feel better, you feel  relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. WARNING, give yourself time afterwords to  make it home safe because the tense muscles you went in with, now feel like  rubber bands. God Bless you Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center!

I am proud to provide a positive recommendation for Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center.
Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center provides a superior service, is prompt and courteous, and most certainly responsive to the needs of their clients.
Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center does an amazing job of finding every muscle and stress point, taking them back to their natural state, and their Reiki work is second to none.
Whether as a supplement to Chiropractic care, or as a stand-alone treat to oneself, the gifted therapists at Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center can help you find the results you are seeking!
– Ron M. in Wentzville, MO.

Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center is exactly what “the Dr ordered!!” The staff at Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center have the unique ability to work out all of the tension in my muscles that this busy life puts into my body and they help to restore it to a place of calm and balance!  Now the therapists at Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center are helping my 15 year old that was born with Torticollis.  He looks forward to the time that she works on his muscles helping them to relax so that his body can continue to heal and promote healing in his spine!  Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center is a Godsend to our family and the healing that our bodies needed.
– Becky Patch Greening, in Wentzville, MO.

Professional and thorough. Well done, I’m coming back to Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center for more.
– Jonathon P. in Englewood, CO.

Magical hands. Very relaxing. I highly recommend Wentzville Massage & Wellness Center.
– Dave B in Wentzville, MO.